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Main Course & Naan Breads

Tandoori Specialties

By cooking in a traditional tandoori clay oven, this process seals

in the flavor of all dishes thus retaining its characteristic smoky taste.

Vegetable Specialties

Sea Food Specialties

Meat Specialties

Biryani-Rice Casseroles

Biryani is a combination of aromatic rice & lender morsels of meat, fish or

vegetables cooked together in a way that the rice absorbs all the flavors.

Naan Breads

All main dishes comes with Rice, Raita, Papadums & Pickle & can be cooked to various degrees of spiceness or mildness.

All prices are in Cayman Islands Dollars - Official Exchange Rate US$1.00 = CI$.80 CI$1.00 = US$1.25